Website portal for barrister profile management

The client

33 Bedford Row is a leading common law set offering outstanding legal advice and advocacy in Civil, Criminal, Family, Immigration and Regulatory law at all levels including work with an international element. They consist of over 70 independent specialist advocates including distinguished silks.

In 2017, ProLegalTech was selected to design and develop the new 33 Bedford Row website to be delivered using the PilotSite platform.

The problem

Barristers would regularly want to update their website profile with new content which would traditionally be sent to a website administrator via email and then manually updated. This was proving to be inefficient as this content would need to be formatted and then sent back to the barrister to approve.

The solution

To streamline this process, ProLegalTech provided a portal to enable barristers to log in into their own account and update their own profile which would then be sent to the administrator to approve.

Barrister profile editor
The profile editor portal enables each barrister to update their own basic information such as email address and telephone number as well as a link to their LinkedIn profile and Twitter page if the barrister wishes to share these details publicly.

It also allows the website administrator to set up specific section heading for barristers to add their own content to help ensure that each profile within the website follows a consistent format. These headings may include items such as an introduction, qualifications, areas of expertise and awards which enable each barrister to add their own content within these sections. These are completely customisable by the administrator to provide ultimate flexibility for the chambers to manage profiles without the support and help of a web developer.

33 Bedford Row also make use of the moderation functionality which sends a notification to an administrator to review any updates to a profile so that it can be approved, prior to it appearing on the website.

Insight editor
Another feature within the 33 Bedford Row portal is the insight editor. This enables any barrister to quickly post an article to the system which can then be reviewed and edited if required, before being published on the website.

The main benefit of this system is that barristers submit content in a consistent format so that it is ready to be published on the website once an administrator has approved the content.